What is the CMT?

The CMT stands for the Conversion Management Tool.  This tool created by SupportFocus Inc. serves to assist both the client as well as data conversion professionals in conducting a successful data conversion from one to many legacy systems to one to many target systems.  Features of the CMT include:

  • Data Quality Tracking, including Summary Statistics, Error Frequencies, Error Trends, Error details by error numbers and by tables
  •       Learn more about Data Quality

  • A Data Dictionary at the table and element level for both legacy and target systems
  •       Learn more about the Data Dictionary

  • Data Mapping, describing the rules and relationships between the source and target systems, at the table and element levels
  •       Learn more about Data Mapping

  • Workflow and Business Rule Management
  • Issue Maintenance, enabling the tracking of issues regarding legacy data, business rule interpretation, data fallout, etc. at multiple levels of status, types, and priorities
  •       Learn more about Issue Maintenance

  • Interface management
  • A conversion testing dashboard and test scenario management