Recent Successes

California Tax & Fee Administration:

SupportFocus Inc. recently completed a project in Sept 2019 converting the California Tax & Fee Admin (formerly BOE) to the new CROS system converting 71 different tax programs over the course of two separate rollouts. Some of the high level stats of our work at the CDTFA including both the pre-implementation phase and the two production rollouts are below:

Phase Metrics
Pre-Implementation 384 legacy systems documented

48 legacy data dictionaries documented

2,803 tables

37,990 columns

30 legacy databases staged for conversion

19,049 data quality rules documented

4,711 with errors firing

32,953,978 records cleansed

Rollout 2 Conversion 16 tax programs converted

4,020,341 customers converted

3,428,696 accounts converted

628,398 records cleansed

6,108 pages of data maps

1,529 conversion test scenarios created and tested

Rollout 3 Conversion 55 tax programs converted

257,575 customers converted

194,875 accounts converted

342,062 records cleansed

12,009 pages of data maps

1,428 conversion test scenarios created and tested