Issue Maintenance

Issue Log

Once the business rules have been identified, the edits against the legacy data are applied and the output results in data quality issues that need to be tracked and managed with the business.  The CMT provides a way to manage these issues from the point they are opened until they are resolved and ultimately closed.  The CMT provides multiple filters to focus the user to just the issues they are concerned with viewing.  The browse page of the issue log along with the filters is shown below:



Issue Details

Knowing as much as possible about a data quality issue is essential in order to make a decision on how to address or fix the issue.  The issue detail page provides key details that assist the business in making a decision on resolving the issue.  A detailed description of the data issue is presented as well as data conversion staff recommendations for resolution that can be presented to the business.  The CMT also allows linking screenshots of actual legacy system data to show the business exactly what the problem is.  A sample issue detail page is shown below.